Secure Service Edge (SSE)

What is SSE?

To put it simply, SSE (Secure Service Edge) stands for an advanced network architecture that merges the ideas of edge computing and network security.

It is different from the traditional security steps which mainly safeguard data within a centralized network, SSE takes a different approach by shifting security controls closer to the edge of the network.

So, what sets SSE apart from the traditional security system?

The main difference is the SSE's ability to accelerate data processing and making it faster & more efficient while bolstering protection against cyber threats.

Plus, SSE platform based on SSquad global goes beyond just security measures and incorporates features like real-time monitoring, threat detection, and proactive mitigation at the network edge by seamlessly integrating security functions.

Key Use Cases for Secure Service Edge (SSE)

Here we’ve mentioned the diverse range of SSE use cases that you may want to know.

1. Retail:

When it comes to a retail industry, SSE is a game changer, offering more robust security for customers and retailers.

One of the key use cases of our SSE platform is the implementation of secure and seamless omnichannel experiences.

Retailers can easily use our SSE platform to implement all of their customer touch points, like physical stores, ecommerce platforms, social media and mobile apps, into a secure network architecture.

Plus, it will be also helpful in optimizing retailers’ supply chain management and inventory systems.

What will happen is that it will help increase their efficiency and lower their costs.

The secure architecture of our SSE platform will protect the sensitive data throughout the supply chain, which will reduce the data breach risk.

Overall, using our SSE platform will help retailers to stay ahead of their competitors.

2. Enterprise:

Secure Service Edge (SSE) has now become an essential enterprise solution for addressing the major challenges that businesses face these days.

Its ability to provide strong security and seamless connectivity for dispersed workforces is one of its primary use cases.

SSE enables organizations to create a secure edge architecture that brings network and security services closer to end users. This setting ensures quick access to applications with low latency while maintaining data privacy and compliance standards.

As more businesses rely on cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications, the distance between end-users and these services can have an impact on performance and latency.

SSE is critical in optimizing cloud service delivery by deploying network and security functions at the network edge.

This strategy reduces the physical distance between users and applications, which results in increased efficiency and lower latency.

SSE allows organizations to improve the overall performance of cloud services and provide a seamless user experience by shortening the network path.

3. Healthcare:

SSE is booming in the healthcare industry.

It offers a crucial solution that enhances data security and improves patient care. Plus, it plays a vital role in securely transmitting and storing sensitive patient information, which is paramount in the healthcare sector.

By leveraging SSE, healthcare organizations can establish a distributed edge computing infrastructure that prioritizes data privacy and security at every stage. This approach significantly mitigates the risks associated with unauthorized access or data breaches by processing and storing patient data closer to the point of care, offering a secure environment for healthcare providers.

Moreover, SSE empowers healthcare organizations with advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, opening up a world of possibilities.

Our SSE platform also offers instant access to patient records, medical imaging data, and predictive analytics. This easy access allows for faster diagnosis and the creation of personalized treatment plans.

SSE has a truly invaluable impact in the healthcare industry, facilitating efficient and effective healthcare delivery by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

4. Remote Working:

The key use of SSE is offering safe and reliable connectivity to remote employees, which lets them access corporate resources and applications without compromising data privacy or network security.

This helps seamless collaboration, file sharing, and efficient use of enterprise tools from any location, ensuring continuous productivity.

Another important SSE use case is its ability to improve data protection and compliance.

As employees work from various locations outside the traditional office setup, data security becomes their primary concern.

Our SSE platform solves this by offering advanced security features such as threat detection, data encryption, access controls, and safeguarding sensitive information.

SD-WAN + SSE = SASE (Secure Access Service Edge)

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) means the combination of SD-WAN and SSE.

To simply understand, SASE is a detailed networking and security architecture that combines the benefits of SD-WAN and SSE in a single solution.

Whereas, SD-WAN brings agility and flexibility to wide area networking by leveraging software-defined networking principles.

Since you are already familiar with SSE, the combination of SD-WAN and SSE, it becomes SASE, which offers a detailed strategy that not only offers secure connectivity but also improves network performance, lowers complexity, and makes the management easier.


SSE is a cutting-edge network architecture that moves security controls closer to the network's edge. This allows for quicker data processing and better protection against cyber threats.

When SD-WAN and SSE are combined, it becomes SASE, an all-inclusive networking and security architecture that provides a unified solution.