Ssquad Ultra Connect SD-WAN - connectivity solution amplifies the performance and enhances the digital experience through our unique packet-based flow control and open hardware support.

Our SD-WAN 2.0 enables the enterprise to optimize and deliver secure connectivity to branches and the cloud by promoting greater control, security, scalability and seamless failover.

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What is SD-WAN

SD-WAN stands for software-defined networking (SDN) in a wide area network (WAN). Its intention is to separate network control and management interfaces from hardware devices.

4 things your SD-WAN should do:

Integrate all telco services – copper, fibre and wireless using internet or MPLS.

Better resiliency – using dynamic path selection and/or load sharing.

Simple interface – easy to configure, provision and manage.

VLANs – support for third party services such as firewalls, cloud service providers etc.


High availability internet

SD-Internet is perfect for business-critical internet, SIP voice, video and other applications. Our packet based technology bonds internet connections to give more bandwidth and no downtime.

More bandwidth & same IP failover – If more internet bandwidth is needed and you want to ensure 100% uptime. Bond any combination of internet access circuits, even from different providers eg: fibre, copper, coax and add 4G/5G failover.

Example: 100/40 + 100/40Mbps = 200/80Mbps + 4G/5G failover.

Same IP failover – If there is already enough Internet bandwidth, but you want to ensure 100% uptime. Your Internet, voice and video stay live, even when failing from fixed to wireless connectivity.

Example: 1Gbps as primary and 4G/5G as failover to give 100% uptime.


SD-WAN Features

SD-Internet, Network Orchestration & SD-WAN 2.0 from one screen.


Manage routers and firewalls in traditional networks

Orchestration lets you provision faster and make faults and helpdesk easier.


High availability SD-Internet

Our Packet based technology bonds internet connections to give more bandwidth and no downtime. Perfect for business-critical internet, SIP voice, video and other applications.


SD-WAN 2.0 software

Low-cost hardware: X86, virtual or containerized More available bandwidth with link aggregation and packet based load balancing. Same IP failover means calls don’t drop.


Multi-Cloud: Virtual Service Injection

Automated delivery of cloud services from the Data Centre to customer edge sites: AWS, Azure, Google, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud


SD-WAN Benefits

Brand our software as your own, deploy on low cost hardware and sell a simply better SD-WAN.


Extend your network globally

We can help extend your network beyond your physical footprint. Ssquad global SD-WAN aggregators allow you to easily select, price and provision services in 16 countries with 59 Points of Presence (POPS).

Make your local loop connections into the nearest aggregator, and from there easily add a site to your SD-WAN within minutes.

Use our public aggregators or deploy your own. You can use them privately or choose to make them public and re-sell access to other providers in a federated model. We have already set up a billing platform for ease of use.